Few Symptoms of Skipping Exercise

Exercise is a most important part of human life. It plays vital role for maintaining the health & fitness in a human body. You must have to do exercise daily because of this you will be fit healthy and happy. Everybody know it very well.
But when you skip Exercising for a month then which kind of effects over come in your body fitness and structure. When you breakup the exercise routine then it can effect on your physical, mental and emotional health.
                    If anybody stop exercising then will lose all the fitness gains within few weeks.


Effects on Brain:



When you miss out the exercise in effects on your brain the flowing of blood in brain changes you cannot sleep well like before. You always feel stress in mind and brain working process also begin to decline. After the losing exercise the blood flow in brain slowly. You must have to do check out the physician or doctor and also should have to do MRI scan test your checking the condition of brain. Your brain suffer memory lose problems.



Lose Muscles:



Your muscles will be lose fast just because of losing exercise. Your body shape look unfit and muscles get weak and unhealthy. Your heart or Lungs also effected and less fit only for not doing excessive sets of exercise daily.



Gain of Fats:



Your body’s metabolism slow down and fat level increase up in body because your metabolism slow down and ability to use oxygen in body has dropped approx. 10 percent. It’s must that your body need oxygen to burn calories.


Lose Strength:


When you skip working out in your daily routine your strength power have dropped down in your body. You always feel fatigue and tired and you just feel unhappy too. Your heart not willing to do work more.





Decrease the weight fast and your stomach also work slowly and that is the reason of loss of appetite. You’re eating food habit also will disturb from stop exercise in routine.




So please don’t avoid to do exercise daily do less normally in workout and maintain your routine from some sets of exercise which can help you to remain active and fit. You feel better and protect from the negative changes in your body.

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