A Big Day Is a “Wedding Day”

“Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day.”

Many people think and also believe that the marriage is just about love each other. They think that every couple who are married have sparkling eyes and better feelings in their life. No it’s just a misconception of those who think like that about marriage. A marriage is a biggest commitment. It is more than love or desire. A marriage is a social & a legal contract with fully commitment between to know or unknown individuals that spend their lives together with love, understanding, emotionally and economically, legally. A marriage is great and valuable relation in this universe between two opposite genders.
Preparing of a marriage takes a lot of time, work and money too. Many hours are spent on the planning. Mostly we first focus on the engagement this period is the starting time for the individuals for giving a proposal with a commitment of marriage in the form of Ring. Basically it is a tradition of marriage. A wedding ring is symbol of love & unity. A ring joined two individuals in a unified pair. An engagement is basic level of wedding with the exchange of rings.

After the extension period of engagement the time comes for the wedding you need to do different preparation which are Decoration of wedding place, choosing a right and attractive dress for bride & groom. A white dress has become a symbols of Christian wedding. A bride select mostly a white maxy or a grown for her wadding with white diamond jewelry and also stylish of hair. Bride’s dress is floor length and elaborate herself of course in white color. Because white is sign of innocence & purity. The bride look more pretty & gorgeous in white wedding dress. A groom almost wear Black suits. It’s a perfect match of both dressing. A wedding is very important and memorable day in a whole life for both of them.

Every couple wants a lavish dedicated and stylish stage and decoration in the most beautiful day of marriage. Which can creates a story of memorable day. Mostly the natural elements use in the decoration which are flowery and attract the focused and attention. The flowers in white colors or different colors matched for the decoration which elaborates the dreamy & magical place for both of them and other guests in the wedding ceremony. Decoration is also play an important role in Christian wedding.

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