A True Friend

The greatest gift of life is Friendship. In many general way we use the term friends but not all friends are friends some friends are life of others. We cannot explain the friendship in words. If you have true friend in life so you have a most special thing in this universe. A true friend always rejoices in your joy or feel bad in your sorrow and always support you in all the situations. Your true friend shares with you all the feelings if you weep then your friend also weep with you. A true friend always sympathetic & empathetic. Friends give the great taste like crunch in life. Your true friend always trust you and try to give happiness every time.

Friends are those who make fun with yourself and you can never mind to their funky behavior. You enjoy every moments of life with them you feel good along with your friends. A true friend stay in contact with you regularly & never ignore your talk and understand your emotions very well. Your true friend gives you good advice & every time stay on your back. Your friend and you love each other unconditionally.

You can always share your feeling your secrets with your friend without any hesitation that is a sign of your fast friendship. Your true friend defends you from any uncertain attacks. They are your well wisher & think about your goodness. They never hurt you but sometimes if they hurt you then feel sorry & give you a hug with smile and sort out that matter which becomes a hurdle in your friendship. Your friend’s attitude always positive and loving with you. In some situation your friend support you financially and believes on yourself.

You enjoy the all moment of stupidity with your friends. You take a great joy of every moment in life. Having a good & faithful friend is like you have a pernicious diamond. You really love to hanging out with your best friends. Your true friends encourage you and bring out yourself from the darkness of depression & stress. You have nothing to hide with your friend you can share & borrow your things in the good relation of friendship. You like to do everything and spend time with your friend. You do amazing chats with your friend & feel happier with your true friend. No restriction & no limits in your friendship show the truthiness in friendship. Friends are so special in life. After all want to end up with this beautiful quote on friend.

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”

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