Kids Take Time…

Kids are the charm and beauty of the house in any family. They are the brightness of this world. Kids are those who unleash the happiness everywhere. Kids are innocent and their heart is like a crystal. Having kids is a more special feeling and it is a great connection in the life between parent & kids.

Mostly kids takes time in understanding about the world and the people they have their own school of thoughts. It is the responsibility of parent that how to guide and train to their kids about world. Because they are not on that level where they think about the good or bad for themselves.

Kids take time for understanding every situation. Because they can better learn through from the practical life. They cannot understand everything clearly all the way they need details and some examples to understanding the moral of any condition. As a parent or a guidance it is a duty of them that don’t underestimate the feelings & thought of kids. They are on the developing period and sometime they retain and examine the information according to their imagination of concepts. But kids want your full attention and interaction to understanding their feelings and thoughts.

It is not difficult to understand their feeling & thought or imagination. You are the mentor of your kids. As a parent you just have to listen your kid’s emotion & feeling by giving the importance to them. Listen their view without any interruption and carefully that what they are saying? Because it is their learning level you communicate with them and try to understand to them with eye contact and response with love and good feeling. It is very important that you have to think like a child.

Kids takes time in the creation of any kind of development in their self. Their work mostly represent their feelings. They express their feeling mostly with drawing of something like missing someone like dad, mom or siblings and sometimes they show jealousy from others. You should focus on that kind of feeling in them because these feeling rise up the bad habits and concepts in the growth of your kids. You can better understand to your kids from anyone else.

Kids take time for understanding their parent’s behavior towards them sometime they think negative like their parent has become their enemy. But it is not true because parent are those who always want well to their children. Kids don’t understand the reason of their restrictions. It’s the major responsibility of parent that teach your kids personally and emotionally about all the good or bad facts of any action especially to the adult kids. You should use simple sentences when you conversation to your kids. Answer to them in detail if possible in the polite tone. And being a parent it’s your duty to give them time to understand the fact with your full support. Never dodge the questions of your kids.

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