“Love is Life”

Love is an outstanding & prime feeling. Everyone can win or rule the world from Love. A love is a most beautiful emotion and affection. It takes several forms and fulfill many purpose. We can say hay love is most powerful weapon. And sometime love can be a weakness of someone. Love is the great essence of emotion. Love is reason for many others emotion breeds from it. Love is very important in any relation whether it’s a relation of parent with their children, relation with friends, Relation with love one (girl or boy), love with human being, love with animals in every relation love is one of the most important feeling in life.

Importance of Love:

Love is another kind of devotion, dedication, consistent and passion performance. Love is best way to evaluate happiness in life. If you have love in life then you have every happiness and you can understand others feeling and act upon it in any situation wisely. Happiness come from the love in any relation. God made this world just because of mankind’s love. The effects and power of love is never ending and immortal. We can feel it with deep of heart or in any action of someone. Love also provides the peace everywhere.

Generations after Generations:

Love comes from generation to generation because if your grandparent were not love each other your parents would not be here in this world similarly if your parents were in love so you would not be in the world. Love is natural phenomenon which helps a lot to survive as a well human being in lie or in the world.

To Love and Be Loved:

Everyone want love to someone and be loved by someone in every way of life. Love is a special & important ingredient for human survival. Everything is meaningless without love. After all nothing is prime in the world than the feeling love or affection. We have born in this world just from love & we maintain the relationships of love with our parents, siblings, elders, colleagues, co-workers, friends, and children and so on.

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