Stay Happy & Healthy With your “Cup of Tea”

Time is begin to divert a little bit from the norm. You all knows that coffee is good but have you ever heard about tea. Tea lovers this a great information you. Why you should drink a cup of tea in a day?

According to the legendary, Tea is a starter of sleeping minded person. Basically there are four kinds of tea Black, Green, White & Oolong. People treated these four type according to their choices many of the people like to drink black tea with milk, some other makes Masala tea for getting more taste with ginger.

Now a creative invention has come in the market which tea bags everyone make tea easily & quickly. Do you want to know the amazing things about tea?
You can enjoy to drink tea in all season it’s depend on you that you want hot tea or cold tea with ice. Tea is a tastier & drizzling beverage everyone like to drink tea in morning or in evening.

The benefits of drinking tea are beyond our thinking.

Detoxifies the Body:

Tea is full of antioxidants properties that really helpful to eliminate chemicals from our body. Especially white tea improves our body system & its help to prevent the body from harmful substance which can damaged our body. We take lots of meal in a day that why the cause of increasing chemical rise up in our body. So when you eat then drink tea must in start or end of your meal because tea eliminate such harmful chemicals from body.

Get Rid from Bad Breathe:

Many of the people has bad breathe problem so the black tea is more beneficial for them in drinking because according to the researcher black contains the properties which stops the formation of bacteria & plaque in teethes.

Improves Health of your Bones:

Tea especially green tea is very helpful improves overall health of your bones. It contains higher amount of Vitamins A & K, iron & calcium than milk. Tea prevent you from bones fracture and bones loss when you drink a cup of tea daily you can make your bones stronger with the vital properties of tea.

Increase Energy Level:

Tea is a best way to increase or boost up the energy level. Many of the people drink tea in the morning because they wake up with low energy level so this main reason to drink a cup of tea increases their energy level. They starts their day after drinking a cup of tea. Teas is full of caffeine which is good for those who want to boost energy level in body.

So these are the most beneficial advantages of drinking tea in every day. You would be happy after taking a tasty cup of tea according to your taste.

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