Visible Symptoms of Stress

Everyone faces stress time to time in life it is a basic phenomenon. Stress is normal physical response day to day appears in daily life.

We you overloaded mentally and emotionally then you come in pressure this pressure turn in to stress. And you feel unable to cope any task. But stress can build the adverse impact on your health. You know what it feel when you take stress and you know that how it looks like?

It is an uncomfortable experience feeling when you are in overworked and under pressure situations. Stress rumbled to your stomach & your heart beats in irregular manner. Stress also effects on your skin, nails and your hair. Its common symptoms arrives on our skin. Our nervous system releases the stress in the form of hormones which are cortisol. There are some clear way which impacted by stress on your skin, nails and hair.

Excess Oil:

When you take a lot of stress, worries and heightened anxiety pushes the sebum productivity level and oil comes on your face or body which becomes the cause of acne and pimples on your skin. Stress also effect on your color complexion which goes dark. Stress increase the bacteria and oil on your skin surface that can clog your pores and its result in consistent breakouts.

Deeper Line & Wrinkles:

Stress releases the cortisol which can cause a premature aging, deeper lines and wrinkles on your skin usually on your face. You look older just because of wrinkle and deeper line. You seems depressed and angry stress can destroy your look gradually.

Hair Loss:

Stress is a very common cause of hair loss. When you feel anxious and exhausted you scalp losses the hair and becomes weak. The process of healthy hair growth disturbed by the overburden stress. Especially during periods your hair can not manage like normal routine you faces the hair loss from the disturbance of hormones.

Weak Nails:

When you are in stress your nails transverse in to sharply bent. Your nails plate horizontally and nearly bent. Small cracks occurs on your nails. You nails looks unhealthy, weak and brittle which can effect on your personality.

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